The team


Meet Cami! She’s our social media and creative marketing manager, plus retail expert. She loves coffee dates with her husband, adventuring, connecting with people, and creating!


Meet Elli! She’s our formal wear consultant and retail expert. She loves cats (especially her exotic short-hair Olive), fashion, and helping others create their one-of-a-kind wedding through tux consultations.  


Meet Marissa! She’s one of our retail sales associates. Marissa is passionate about music, loves playing the flute and piano, and enjoys bismarck donuts and Caribou coffee! 


Meet Taylor! She’s one of our retail sales associates.



Meet Megan! She’s one of our retail sales associates. She hails from Brewster, MN, and it’s her heart’s desire to cook for Justin Bieber on the beach one day. 


Meet Patrick! He’s one of our sales associates and retail pro! Patrick used to live in Hawaii, his passion is skateboarding, and he’s an aspiring videographer!